Lydia Clark

“This project was inspired and driven by a love for optimism and a belief that we should build one another up instead of tearing one another down and hurting ourselves in the process. The still life and portrait above were part of “The Goddess” this story looked at the beauty ideals that so many of us feel both the need to follow but also to throw negativity and judgement at ourselves and others whether we follow them or not. The story aims to inspire celebration of each other, to look at each other as the spectacular multidimensional beings that we all are. About me what I enjoy producing and specialise in Specialising in Fashion Styling and Photography, Lydia also has a background in Fashion design and pattern cutting, which she often utilises in her styling work in the form of making the clothes and props. Lydia particularly enjoys working with personas, often looking at social and cultural topics and issues. “ | | @lydiajaneclark