Freya Ziemska

“Freya Ziemska is a stylist, producer and designer/maker based in London. Freya has a strong interest in sewing and hands on craft, and this year she launched her menswear brand out of, a passion project with 2 collections so far. Her work follows the theme of the outsider, exploring how fashion can display identity of the individual in unusual circumstances. Her most recent project 2119, is based around a hypothetical one-way trip to Mars set in 2119, 100 years from now. The world may be a very different place, a dystopian future with limited resources. Many will look to space to find a new home, as Earth deteriorates. 2119 features an imagined luxury company providing an all inclusive Mars relocation experience, including a space travel garment and an amenity kit containing vital supplies and luxury items.” | @freyaziemska | @outofmenswear