Ellen McNeelance

“HIDDEN HATS: As our name suggests here at HIDDEN we’re not one for seeking praise or showing off. We like people to search for us and to be rewarded by quality products and impeccable detail we put into every hat. Here at HIDDEN we do one thing well, and that’s it. Crafting classical timeless styled fedoras. With the deepest respect for craftmanship, when creating our Fedoras we only use fabrics with tactility and durability that will stand the test of time with the aim to delight and inspire. Unusually, for a hat company, we don’t want you to keep buying from us. Or at least, we hope you don’t feel the need to. Why? Well because we make are hats to last a lifetime, and if they don’t we’re here to fix it for you. HIDDEN hats represent the women who wear them; independent, creative, classical with a more thoughtful attitude towards fashion. Here at HIDDEN we focus on reducing our impact creating the most sustainable hats going.”

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