InSights: Fashion Communication

These videos are insights about discussing our creative process, thought, and work through video commentary. Get a glimpse into and a better understanding of what we do and how we do it.

Jemima Farrow is a student who has a keen eye for layout and collaging. In this video, Jemima shows her process for creating one of her collages. Taking into account colours, text, and imagery.
Emma Collins is a lecturer for the course and has a skill for branding and social media. In this video, she explains how to create a flatlay for an Instagram post.
Lauren Clements is a student and created the video “Ethereal Tensity”. In this video, she explains her process and how she came to create it.
Izzy Wells is a student specialising in digital illustrations. This video depicts how she transforms her inspirations/references into her uniquely stylised work.
Cerys Matthews is a student specialising in Visual Promotion. This video explains the first steps in creating and shaping your brand.
Cameron Young is a student with a unique talent for creating wallpaper and mural designs through digital illustration. In this video, he shows his process for creating a digital wallpaper for his brand “Trash & Burn Design”.